Monday, 26 March 2012

Sea Stopper(TM) since the year 2004: We are packaging and producing an emergency hole closing device.  Please see the video of our product on this website.  Please also see a scan of our marketing brochure.

Pleasure Boaters, whether Sail, Power and all types of  water craft and Commercial Fishing Vessel Operators are most welcome to review and contact us for further information.

This amazing device ( up to 24" diam hole) will withstand 4.5 tons of hydrostatic pressure

Retail Price: $1,295.00 USD

Mailing Address:
Sea Stopper Inc.
205 Norseman St
Toronto, ON M8Z 2R4

In any case the "SEASTOPPER II' will be mentioned at the above site as an upcoming product(10' x 20' ) seal under Seastop Inc. and is the tanker/ship hole closing device. Each unit will cost approximately $34K and $8-9K to produce. The number of units carried aboard will roughly and invariably relate to the tonnage of the vessel. We feel that shipping companies can have their insurance premiums substantially reduced by the carriage of multiples of the SEASTOPPER II.

The device in it's present form has electrical-mechanical attributes/properties with  'intelligent robotic’ stand-alone capability. The prototype is under construction.

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